Gleaner Replacement Straw Choppers

Our custom made Gleaner straw choppers are designed for fine cutting, making the decomposition process easier, and faster in the field. Made from the best materials, our choppers use 1/4" thick reversible blades, which provide greater spread because of blade thickness. Rodono straw choppers are built strong using a 3/8" thick wall steel drum. The hubs and shafts are welded to enable this chopper to spin to 3400 RPM. Spinning the chopper faster with a heavy drum and heavy blades keeps material moving more efficiently through this restrictive area of the Gleaner combines.

This model is used heavily in custom combining and is usually stocked at dealers in North Dakota.
Chopper and speed up kit available at Precision Farm Parts , Sherwood North Dakota, 1-(888)-245-4637
and Ray's Repair, Rugby, North Dakota,Phone+1 701-776-9052


R62, R72, R75, N6, N7, S7, L