Massey Replacement Straw Choppers

Our custom made straw choppers are designed for fine cutting, making the decomposition process easier, and faster in the field. Made from the best materials, our choppers use 1/4" thick reversible blades, which provides great spread because of blade thickness. Rodono straw choppers are built strong using a 3/8" thick wall steel drum. Threaded ends eliminate common problems like loose hubs, worn center supports, and broken swages.

The only threaded ends in the industry help make these straw choppers long lasting and economical. Our straw choppers are shipped with blades on and balanced so they are ready to go. Rodono straw choppers use less horsepower than straw choppers with wings. Rodono Straw Choppers are dependable, long lasting, economical, and we ALWAYS have parts in stock to keep you going.


750, 760, 850, 860, 8680