Frequently Asked Questions

The off white color is powder coated. All aftermarket versions are this color. We sandblast and powder coat and coat in quantity. We cannot achieve the desired quality painting custom colors- so we don't. If you buy one from an OEM it will be their factory color. At this point the only factory supplied version is the NuVision Grainmax. We can build large quantity orders for OEM's to a specific color with enough lead time.

Installation involves removing the 4 clamp bolts around the ring of the factory swing, lifting the factory swing off, move the U-Joint to the Xtend swing. Lower the Xtend swing into place aligning the u-joint, reinstall the 4 clamp bolts. Some augers also require installation of another winch mount bracket which is supplied. The swing itself should take 1/2 an hour to an hour max. Most winch mounts can be installed in an additional hour, except the Brandt 13 HP which will take 4 hrs.

The models that require NO winch modifications are:
Farm King 16104
All Wheatheart X 16 models and Westfield MKX 16 models.
All Brandt 16HP models except the 125 which requires addition of 14" of safety chain which is supplied.

Dealers can order augers from Brandt, Westfield, Wheatheart and Farm King. They will probably not sell one from stock that was ordered with a swing. After all who is going to want a normal swing anymore ūüėČ All the dealers listed on our dealer page will order in augers less factory swing.

No. In 2010 there was a button head bolt installed on the bottom of the track that is supposed to keep the swing from sliding out on its own once it is fully retracted. However, if yours is sliding out it probably means that the cover is not tightened down enough to keep the track tight against the lower rollers. This tension can be adjusted with a couple of 1/2" wrenches. There are 3 (4 on the Xtend 16) bolts that hold the cover down onto the collector. These can be adjusted by loosening the jam nut between the cover and the collector, then tightening in the bolts, and relocking the jam nut. Start by tightening the bolts in 3/8". Test the button and observe how it behaves. If it still slides on its own, tighten the cover some more. These lids are set at the factory but the rig they are tested on is not as high as a real auger. We will be changing our procedures on tightening the cover.

In 2013 we switched to a brake motor to drive the auger in and out. The brake is engaged when there is no pressure to the motor. Because there are springs and brake pads in the motor they can eventually fail. The brake motor is of course on warranty, but if you have any trouble with one you have acquired or have had a long time, the motor can be adjusted, repaired or replaced. They have been quite trouble free for the most part.

This is very seldom a problem. The female spline can be damaged by trying to engage it with the PTO running. The female spline can be repaired with a small round file or triangular file, or a conical burr in a die grinder. Prior to 2014 there was no operator decal reminding the operator to turn off the PTO prior to retracting and switching trailers. So if engaging a moving spline has caused damage both parts are replaceable. The female spline does not take very long to change.

Nuvision, now owned by AGI is licensed to build the Xtend product. Some parts for the Swing are sourced from Rodono, but the auger and swing are built by Nuvision in Carsland, AB. The product has done very well for them. It is a fully assembled auger so you eliminate the variability introduced when 3rd parties assemble the augers for the dealers.

Rodono supplied the first 13 protoype with the Nuvision (Spray Air) external gearbox system. They took over design and manufacture of their version after thorough testing.

The New 14 version with retracting swing is also under license and is a Hybrid drive with the driveline more like a conventional grain auger, however the product flows beside the gearboxes instead of onto them. This alteration should result in better reliability of gearboxes, especially in fertilizer!

So yes they are mostly the same and used under license.