About us

About Us

Rodono Industries Ltd. is a progressive manufacturing business located near Clive, Alberta. Rodono was founded in 1986 by Jim and Faye Grose with the goal of overcoming safety issues, inefficiencies, and shortcomings of OEM. Then in 2005, a fire destroyed the shop and they were forced to rebuild. With the help of their sons Darren and Cory, they were able to start again and expand their services. Rodono industries is proud to be family owned and operated to this day.


Our company is named after the Rodono Farm which was registered in Alberta in 1921. The farm received its name from the Rodono House that was built in 1866 on the shores of St. Mary’s Loch in Scotland. Now the Rodono Farm is owned by Darren Grose and his family.


We build agricultural equipment to correct or enhance shortcomings of OEM equipment. Today these include Straw Choppers, PTO Speed Reducer Gearboxes and Retracting Swing Augers. Our sales regions are Canada, Australia, and the USA. Our facility includes machining, CNC machining, laser cutting, bending, welding and powder coating. We also provide in-house services that include custom machining, fabricating, product design, chopper balancing and hydraulic repair. We hold the patent to the retracting swing auger, and build the machine to simplify the unloading of hopper bottom trailers. As well, we license it to other OEM’s for their use on their own products.

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