ACX - Retracting Transfer Conversion

  • The ACX-Retractor Kit is an add-on to existing air seeder cart augers or belts that adds the functionality to extend and pivot under a hopper bottom trailer.
  • It is made up of two parts, the hopper/electrical/tube assembly, which is standard among all ACX models, and the rail/collector assembly, which is specific to your model of air cart. The hydraulic screw motor is sized to match the auger motor on your cart as well.
  • The kit adds a 10 foot auger with 10 ft of extension and +/- 80 degrees of pivot. The auger is also self levelling.
  • The system also has a mover for switching between hoppers. It comes with manual controls as well as a remote.

9 feet of travel

Utilizes factory auger mount

Simplifies self unload

Adds on to existing auger