PTO Speed Reducer

Rodono PTO Speed Reducers

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This gearbox comes with a lower mount plate to help with easy installation, but you will be responsible for supporting the unit on the drawbar. The Rodono Speed Reducer gearbox is a designed to alter the output speed of your tractors PTO shaft. It features a 800:540 ratio which makes it ideal for use on grain augers, and other equipment that operates in these ranges. This unit is input inline with output shaft. Easily fits 1 3/8 or 1 3/4 1000 rpm shaft. It has four high strength helical gears, and the gearbox has all tapered bearings for added performance and durability, resulting in long life. It has a six spline   1 3/8 540 output for attachment for your equipment.  It takes up to 14″ of driveline space. It is necessary to shorten the driveline or lengthen the hitch or drawbar as required. Cost for this unit is $3600.00