Straw Chopper Parts

Parts for Rodono Straw Choppers are available Factory Direct or from local dealers in some cases.

ROJ- Long Blades 1/4″ Thick x 8 3/8″ OAL 3/4″ Hole for Rodono Choppers in John Deere and Gleaner Combines

ROH- Short Blades 1/4″ Thick x 6 1/4″ OAL 3/4″ Hole for Rodono Choppers in Case-IH, Massey, and White combines

ROS- Stationary Blades 1/8″ Thick x 7 5/8″ OAL 1/2″ Hole for Rodono Stationary Knife Kits- Mostly SKK-Case

CR-BU-STD  Bushings for all Rodono Choppers except Gleaner R-75

CR-BU77 Bushings for Rodono Choppers in newer Gleaner combines S-75 with 10 slot floor kit, S77 and newer

CR-FASTNRS   Bolt and Nut and Stover Lock

All parts sold per

Blades will be shipped with entire quantity ordered the same weight.