Xtend Parts

Parts are available direct from factory or through your local dealer.

Some dealers do a good job of keeping stock, like RJ Sales in Wadena and Owens and Sweitzer in Eston.

All parts manuals are online in the Xtend/Manuals Section

There are a few parts that are considered high wear items and should be stocked by all dealers.

These are the spline engagement parts: The current Versions are

CC-A12-16RSI- Spline Tube Assembly- Fits all 16 inch Xtends from 2010 on, also fits 16″ versions from other manufacturers such as Brandt, Farm King and Wheatheart/Westfield

CB-35-16- Spline Shaft- Fits all 16″ Xtends and all 2016 and newer 13 and 14 Xtends

Every dealer should have these 2 parts as the machine will be down if they fail.

Older 13 and 14 Xtends have versions of these parts that were less universal. Please refer to the manual for these part numbers.

Repair Flighting is available to rebuild Xtend swing augers.